Crypto Fantasy Sports, Dice Games + Rev Sharing

3 min readJan 11, 2022


After a successful devnet Alpha release we have taken the last month (of absent UFC events) to hunker down in our Bet Cave and make all the in game improvements promised, plus much much more.

This post is going to give you a brief overview of the changes we’ve made and some things to look forward to in the very near future.

UFC Manager Game Updates

  • Point balancing — During devnet we had a point bonus for guessing the correct fighter, method of victory and round of victory. We noticed this was giving an unfair advantage to people who got lucky on 1 fight and would mean they beat someone who guessed every fight correctly. We have completely removed this bonus to level the playing field and make it more skill based.
  • Check other teams — You can now see your other peoples picks by clicking on their name in the entrants section.
  • Change usernames — Originally people had to set a username while signing up to the games. You can now go back in and edit your name after registration.
  • Mainnet — We have now pushed SOL mainnet. When we open we will have 0.1 SOL games running and we will add in more buy ins soon after with demand.
  • Better API Integration — We will soon be using a premier API service that will allow us to give you more detailed information on the fighters before you add them to your picks.

Release date — 16.01.2022

Dice Games

We are pushing one of our dice games to mainnet and launching it alongside our fantasy UFC game.

Introducing Bitcoin of Shitcoin. The aim of the game is simple to double your money by betting on if the wheel will spin in a Bitcoin or a Shitcoin.

We will have a range of bets to suit all budgets from 0.1 SOL to 2 SOL.

On top of each bet, we charge 3% to play.

  • 1% is distributed back to our holders through weekly fantasy sports games by holding one of our Boom Boys NFTs (below)
  • 1% goes to the NFBet treasury
  • 1% goes to the game fund
Bitcoin or Shitcoin game UI

Release date — 16.01.2022

NFT Collection with Rev Sharing

Meet the Boom Boys. 4000 Boys from 4 different sports.

4 Boys from 4 Sports
  • 4000 NFTs on Solana
  • 0.69 SOL mint price
  • 6.9% royalties on secondary sales. 5% of this goes back to holders (see rev share) and 1.9% goes to our treasury.
  • Rev share — Holding a Boom Boy in your wallet gets you your buy-in to play weekly fantasy games on our various sports. The prize money each week will come from the 5% secondary sales and the 1% from all of our casino games. We decided to go this route and not auto distribute it to everyone to build up some friendly community competition and make the prizes bigger for the winners each week. We are a gaming site after all.

Release date — Feb 2022*

More Games

We have more games currently in development so even if you don’t see your sport at the moment there’s a good chance we’re working on it. Unless curling is your thing, then we might not be. But get enough curling friends to suggest it in our discord and who knows.

On that note come and join us in our discord, ask any questions and get ready for the games to begin —