Dev Update — Nov 2021

We would like to share with you here the progress we have made on our Fantasy UFC app and its current core functions.

Current functions

  • In the UFC manager app, you are able to view the upcoming UFC events, look at the fight card and see the tournament entries we have available.
Upcoming Events Tab
  • Implemented the ability to enter tournaments with NFT tickets. Here is a sample of one of our tickets that you will be able to claim if it is a ticket only event. Upon entry you will sign a transaction that checks your wallet for an available ticket and takes 1.
NFBet NFT Ticket
  • Usernames have been implemented into the app. While registering for an event you will be able to add a username that will show in the entrants list and results tables as the events are in play. We believe this is a great way to create some competition between the community and we are excited to see some big names on this leaderboard in the future.
Entrants Tab
  • Upon registering for a paid or freeroll event, you will receive a proof of play NFT into your wallet. This will tell you the event you entered and the price of entry. These are going to carry uses in our ecosystem for things such as private freeroll events, whitelist spots for upcoming launches and more.
NFBet Proof of Play NFT
  • Fighter selection is now ready and working. When you are entered, you are given 200 points to spread around the fight card as you wish. You can pick winning fighters, the method of victory and the round of victory.
Fighter Selection Tab
  • The payouts tab updates automatically depending on how many players are playing. If this was a cash game the prize pool would increase depending on how many players have entered.
Payouts Tab
  • On completion of an event participants are paid out accordingly and the winner is given one of our winners NFTs. Like our “proof of play” NFTs, these will carry future perks in our ecosystem.
NFBet Winners NFT

Please take 3 minutes to watch this live walkthrough of joining an event and picking your fighters.



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