Thanks for Playing | NFBet Devnet Alpha

3 min readDec 16, 2021


Over the last month we have been running live devnet tests on our Solana based fantasy sports platform NFBet. Thank you to everyone who has taken part and congratulations to the winners.

Our first game we have been testing is our proprietary fantasy UFC game. We are thrilled with the feedback we’ve had from our community, everyone had a great time playing. We’re going to use the break in UFC events between now and the start of 2022 to implement suggestions from the community and work on quality of life improvements that are on our to-do list.

What’s next?

When we return in 2022 we have big plans. Here is a list of things to expect to see when we go live on mainnet with our NFB token and soon after.

  • View players selections (front end) — We will be adding the ability to check what selections other players have made once the deadlines for the game has passed. This adds an extra element of fun to the game by being able to see what your rival has chosen and also allows you to check back on your selections without having to connect your wallet.
  • Edit username (front end) — Currently the only way to create a username is during the registration process. We realized some people missed the opportunity and then ended up being locked to their wallet address. When we return, players will have the ability to go back in and change it.
  • Branding (front end) — You will begin to see our new characters and NFBet mascots (Boom Boys) around our site, games and branding materials. These will also be a variation of our NFT collection that will carry uses in our ecosystem.
  • Points Nerf (back end) — We currently have the mechanic in the game, where if you guess the correct fighter, method of victory and round of victory you got a double point bonus. We realized this was giving people too much of a lead so we are reducing the bonus to 1.5X the points earned.
  • Payouts (back end) — Payouts will be fully non-custodial, we will send one transaction on chain to finalize the event and then all winners will be able to claim their prizes.
  • Claim tickets — We will have the ability to check a wallet owns xyz collection and if they do allow them to claim a ticket to play our games. This will let us work with NFT collections and provide them with a fun private game for their holders.
Sample promo artwork for potential special holders only events featuring Degen Ape Academy & Boneworld
  • Other backend changes — We are constantly updating the processes in our backend to provide users with the smoothest possible experience.
  • New games and ways to play — Along with improvements on our existing UFC manager game we will be launching new sports and games for you to come and play. We are always listening, so if you have a sport you want to see then let us know and you may just see it on our to-do list in the future.

The rest of 2022

You can see our roadmap here for more info on some of the things you can expect to see in 2022.
If you have any questions or suggestions come find us on Discord or Twitter.




Game safely, have fun and enjoy the gains!