We Are LIVE | Devnet Guide

We are excited to announce the release of the devnet version of our UFC manager app.

Top right click “APP” https://nfbet.io/

Please come in, click around and see how things work. Remember to join our discord for feedback, questions or suggestions — https://discord.gg/jh2QaZBjZU

This post will show you how to switch your Phantom wallet to devnet and to claim devnet sol.

If you’re more of a video learner, you can watch this quick walkthrough here.

What is devnet?

Devnet is a version of SOL that lets developers test their apps using tokens that aren’t on the main Solana network, kind of like play money. Claiming devnet tokens is easy and only takes a minute. This guide will take you step by step to claiming your first devnet tokens.

Step 1

Connect to your Phantom wallet and click the settings cog in the bottom right.

Step 2

Head to the bottom of the list and click “Change Network”

Step 3

By default it will be on Mainnet, Click “Devnet” and then you are ready to accept devnet tokens.

Step 4

Copy your wallet address

Step 5

Head to https://www.spl-token-ui.com/#/sol-airdrop

In the top right switch this site to devnet.

Step 6

Paste in your wallet address, add in the amount and click “Request Airdrop”

NOTE: I encountered problems when claiming 10 but 5 was instant.

Step 7

You are now ready to play. Remember to switch back to mainnet after you finish playing so you don’t have a heart attack when you open your wallet and can’t find your NFTs and SOL.

Remember when you come back to our games to make changes or check the rankings, just switch back to devnet.

Happy gaming.



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